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EXO in Thailand?

My Fan Account about EXO in Thailand

        OK. I know it’s already a month late but I really want to share it! I must tell you first that I could only follow them for the last three days, 27th - 29th July 2012.


27th July

@ Woody Studio

          Me and my friend woke up since 3am in the morning and took a cab to RCA where the studio is located to find out there were already numbers of people waiting for EXO-M to appear since a quarter past 4am!

            No one really knows if fans would be allowed to get inside the studio so we decided to queue up by ourselves by writing number on our wrist. I got no.69 and my friend got no. 70. I heard that the first person had already been waiting for them since 8PM the night before… (I’m sorry… but… no shower? Really?)

            Fans increased as time passed. Soon there was around 200 people at 6am and the place got really crowded. The engineers checked the lights and wires since 4.45am until around 6 and we were caged out for the time being. The representative finally got to talk with the (likely to be) PD coordinator around 7 or 7.30am about whether we’d be allowed to go inside. We were later announced that fans are only allowed to stay outside, behind the range. But fortunately, EXO-M would be record their part outside too! The PD coordinator said that firstly SM and SM True required the boys to record inside the studio (of course, fans wouldn’t get to see a thing!) but they compromised and finally came up with the said result.

            We kept waiting until EXO-M arrived around 8.15am. Guards who came around 10 minutes before stood on ground to keep the crazy fans outside because they were SUPER CLOSE to us!!! You know, I was in the second roll and could see them VERY CLEARFULLY!! /fangirling/.OMG… HOLY KRISUS!!! His skin is VERY COMPLEX and FINE!! His face is god-like and small. He’s also very tall and thin! Everyone could tell even he’s taller; Tao is much more muscular and has more toned body. His shoulders are also broader than Kris’. As for Xiu Min, WHO SAYS HE’S CHUBBY?! Take it back!! His face is REALLY SMALL and it looks like he’s lost weights!! T___T For Chen… totally adorable!! His eyes smile is just… tempting! And in my humble opinion, Chen can greet in Thai way (‘Waii’) the most gracefully than the other members in M. Lu Han? Too cute!!! He’s really shy and a bit fidget all over XD. Well, it must be because there were so much fans! :D Here comes my panda Tao; he’s… TOO ATTRACTIVE!!! This boy can steal your heart in just a blink!! His eyes are sharp and intense yet glowing innocently and tenderly… There was a fan who got to touch his right hand while he walked pass us… SO ENVIOUSSSSS

             EXO-M  were waiting inside the studio after touching their make ups and maybe breifing, sometimes they would waved or looked at fans and we woulds scream like the world would end right here and there. The live started at 8.30am, of course it’s a LIVE, Woody (the main MC) and Wun Sen (sub MC) talked for a while and called for EXO-M who walked into the scene very diligently and bowed to fans.

            They started with an introduction in Thai ‘Sawasdee krub’ and ‘We are ONE!’ then the interview started. Kris and Lay talked for the most part until Woody asked Tao to perform his wushu. I must inform you first that all fans including EXO-M were standing on a CONCRETE FLOOR (eventhough there was a red, rough carpet for them). My baby (Tao XD) took off his jacket sexily (I was about to nosebleed, believe me) and threw it to Kris who caught the jacket easily.  He performed a short wushu performance without background music and when he threw his body down on the concrete floor, we were shocked with a loud sound of THUD! Eventhough he showed no pain, the sound was very clear and loud that I couldn’t help grasping and screaming in pain on his behalf! However, Tao finished and Kris threw his jacket back to him.

            Then Woody talked about the dance and Lay volunteered to dance a bit. His moves were sharp and very flexible! When he finished, Woody did a weird dance (LOL), it was so funny the boys laughed. They were also asked to say some sentences in Thai. I couldn’t her any because the scream was too loud T_T. Well, you could hear them from Youtube for ‘Chao Doo Woody’ programme for 27th :D

            EXO-M finished their part around 10.30 and leave. Lay and Lu Han left first and I think Lu Han looked a bit scarred of fans? XD. Chen and Xiu Min followed and Chen waii again with his graceful posture!


OMG!!!! HOLY PANDA!!! I got to TOUCH HIS HAND!!! Everyone was screaming and Tao lifted his left hand so fans reached out for his left hand. And, please let me spazz all over!!!, HE PLACED HIS SOFT, LEFT HAND ON MY LEFT HAND, like, FULL-HANDED!!!! ALL OUR HANDS CONNECTED!!!! And it was MORE THAN 2 SECONDS!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Dsnfkalshnfo;basgjohaf;ohvd’sohnv’ /dies/


            Then it was Kris who left the last. He was about to touch fans’ hands but suddenly lifted his left hand up and make an ‘Adios’ sign he always does instead. How were the fans? GONE CRAZY.


            After that EXO-M went to another 2 recordings for 97.5FM and 105.5FM. I’m sorry I couldn’t follow them. We were heading straight ahead to Work Point Studio in Rang Sit! >_<



@ Work Point Studio

            (Let me tell you guys, they DELETED the MOST MEMORALBE and FUNNIEST SCENCES!! L)

            Ok. We stopped at the mall first to have our lunch and arrived around a quarter past 12. There was NO ONE. And I mean it… NO ONE! Because some were at the airport, waiting for EXO-K and some went after EXO-M. Me and my friends were really excited with big posters and AS TV Thailand which has Chan Yeol as its cover and printed on the big poster!! (I’ll post the pictures here <3). We took lots of pictures and explored the area. Well, it was lunch time so there was almost no one even the staff!

            So we were waiting until 2PM and registered as the first 3 people. We got some magazines, Su Ho water (see it in the pic <3) and a coupon for meal. People started to get crowded around 5PM. There was at least 300 by 6PM. We got lots of cheering cloth! There were many Chinese fan bases coming and they gave us their web’s promotional cloth <3 They were all really pretty!

            EXO’s vans arrived around 7.30PM but the recording was told to be at 8PM. So, yeah, it was delayed because they needed to practice and we ended up getting in about 9PM TT___TT.


OMG our seats were just at THE MIDDLE OF THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!

And our roll was AT EXO’s HEIGHT!!!!!!

(You know, if EXO stands, our roll will be perfectly on their eyes spot because the stage is lifted!!!)


MY EXO FEELS!!!!!!!!!


There were three people talking and joking with us on the stage to keep us excited and screaming like crazy. I’ll give you some sentences said:

            “You know, Tao was standing here and this mic is the one he used!”

            “I was in their changing room!”

                        ETC.  <33

            They finally appeared at 9.30PM. Fans were screaming like there will be no tomorrow (yes, you’re not mistaken. I mean it <3). The MC got to hug ALL OF THEM!!! Dksnfga;sldhgoiasdhg. He clung onto Kris and Lu Han clung on him while Chan Yeol was about to kill him(?) LOL!! XD

            Then it was their ‘We are ONE!’ introduction. My, oh my… because you’re my main bias so I always watched what was Tao doing <3 

“We are ONE! Sawasdee krub! We are EXO! (M)

            You see the mark? EXO(M)? They deleted it but my eyes were on him and he slipped it! XD He said ‘EXO-M’ XD  Awwwwwwwwwwwww how cute! <33

            They then spoke Thai languages. I must say they’re all really good and hose sentences were new and what we had been expected for! (You know, sometimes you get bored listening to idols say ‘I love you’ in your language over and over). Then many questions were asked. Poor Chen was taken his speech by Kris XD and Se Hun answered when my baby Tao was about to say something XD 

LOL. These guys!! XD

OMG!! KAI did AEGYO!!!!!!

          If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!!!!!! He was skdhgaoshfoafsvlh cute!! Then it’s the part they deleted (again) that the MC asked Su Ho how are the members and it took quite a while to finish until he turned to ask Kris who said


‘I thought you already forgot about me’ in Chinese! XD


            Then it was a break. Xiu Min, Tao, Chen and Baek Hyun waved to the fans while Chan Yeol was playing around <3. Su Ho talked to the MC, Kai held onto D.O’s left wrist and then Baek Hyun patted something off of Su Ho’s eyes, Kris turned Su Ho’s chair, then Lay turned Kris’ chair and there were some BaekYeol moments!! <333

            Then ‘Tukky’ came in with her dance XD She is a very funny person! Kris immediately walked to her and offered her his arm! They walked to the middle of the stage and then the ‘Papaya Salad’ or what us Thai people call ‘Som Tum’ began!

            What I disappointed the most was that they DELETED the scene when Kai danced with the beat when they were making ‘Som Tum’! ALMOST ALL OF THEM! He danced his symbolic dance move and fans were doing it too!



            They also DELETED the scene that Kris put a little crap on his light shoulder and patted it like it was his beloved pet or his baby!




            Ok. Back into the recording. They, again, the scene when EXO and Tukky lined up front dance danced together. Well, they DELETED the part that Xiu Min thrusted his hips sharply and… sexily!! And also Tao’s!! kdsnfg[oasdhgoah. I really want to hit the editor’s head!! How could such eye candy scenes be deleted!?!!!

            Then it was a break because some of the members needed to go to the toilet. Then it was the talent shows part. Chen sang ‘What is Love’ and he dragged his voice like… REALLY LONG and his voice was REALLY HIGH PITCH!! It made me got goosebumps all over and I was shivering!! Baek Hyun then sang ‘Bao Bao’ which is a Thai song that was very popular around 1-2 years ago.


Believe me, he can sings MUCH BETTER than the original singer…

No offense. I’m Thai and I was attached to this song before but he sings better!


What I don’t like is… why the cameras only focused on Chan Yeol and Kris but not Kai and Lay too?!!!! They could even let us watch the whole stage at once by not zooming into one person!! It was a WASTE! WASTE!! What’s the point of hearing ‘Two Moons’ without having a glance of them dancing?!!

And it was time for Wushu. Tao made a VERy LOUD THUD! Sound when his body hit the stage! TT___________TT Eventhough he said he was fine I could still see pain in his eyes! His eyes and mouth twitched a little! TT_______________TT

And he said he wants to study Thai boxing, which he got to! <3 His reaction was SUPERB. His strength was far more than we could imagine! He barely even pant!! After that EXO got the big poster of each member’s face and signed. Well… D.O  was the first person to knelt down on the floor, then Kai, Chan Yeol and Tao followed. Kris took the opportunity to use Chan Yeol’s back as a table! XD And let me remind you guys…




When it finished it was time for History and MAMA!! I must tell you it was the best!! BEST!!! The recording finished around 0:30AM and Me and my friend were about to die…. XD  We got out again at 3AM for Mini Live!



28th July

@ Mini Live

            Well, it was 3AM in the morning and there was almost 50 people waiting in front of the stage area! It was caged so the staff can work with spotlights and sound. Luckily, there were 7-11 and some 24hrs restaurant so we could dig in anything we could afford for.

            We got to move to the stairs in front of the stage area around 6AM and I was on the highest roll (of course, everyone lined up and people who were there first got the highest roll). The representatives talked with the security guards and they agreed to block the walk way from the bridge (you know, the one we use to cross the road from side to side. The high one.) because people were coming more and more on the bridge and they might break in and it wouldn’t fair for us.

            Since it would take some more times… I decided to sleep on my bag <3 Well, being on the first roll gave me enough space to lie down! <3 I was comfortable enough for me that I slept for almost 3 hours! I woke up because it was so sunny and it was loud. When I looked around, there was more than 1,000 people!!!!!

            Fan bases from China started to pass on their sites’ souvenirs which gained loud squeal and scream every time anyone got it! (I also got a lot too! XD). The guard led us get inside around 10.30AM. As in the first roll, we got to go first. Then people on the bridge broke the fences and ran into the area!!!!!!!!!!






Even though I’m Thai. I DON’T ACCEPT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            People who came first were very furious. It wasn’t fair for them and those rude fans acted if they had done nothing wrong!!

            Then time passed by. When it hit 2PM I swear there was more than 2,000 people!! And because there were too many people trying to be in a small area, more than 20 people fainted and were carried out of the area by 3.15PM! There was no food or water left and fans had to share their own partial with other fans who needed it more! (I also shared to some and got some… I was very touched.. thank you! TT_TT)

            EXO were supposed to appear at 3PM but the staff said it’d be 3.30PM. Then both MCs appeared. It was FREAKING HOT. We were sweating. Yet MCs talked as if we had only been there for 15 minutes and no one got carried out.


Sdkghashgo. YOU!!!!!! We’d been stucked up like deads since FREAKING 10.30AM!!!! It was WHOLE FREAKING 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Ok. Let’s get back into the point. They talked and talked for another 15 minutes and then BOOM!! EXO appeared!! (lemme scream, lemme SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)


            And I guess you guys know the rest ;D  They did not cut a thing out. So, yeah. This is it for today! :D




29th July

@ Channel V Thailand

          Another day waking up at 2AM in the morning… We were waiting quietly from 3AM until 10AM and hurriedly walked to the Channel V. I must say Channel V handled the situation very professionally! :D There were fences and they only let us go as one line and only 20 by 20 at a time! :D So there was no short cut <33

          My friend and I were standing in the middle! You know… we were right IN FRONT OF Kai and Se Hun! <33 Oh, how much I love this spot! And things go by as you would have seen! :D

          Well, there are some moments between shipping couples that they didn’t really delete a scene ;D  So it’s great!

       The recording finishes around… almost 1PM if I’m not mistaken. EXO-K was taken to another floor for their lunch and my friend and I called it a day <3  We’d been following them but not as much as some fans but we’re satisfied J Since I got to touch Tao’s left hand and got to be in FRONT ROLL for Mini Live and Channel V and GREAT SPOT at Work Point Studio! > <

          Well, I shall finish my fan acc here since it’s getting more and more out of the topic. LOL XD


          Thank you for reading so far! :D

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